Today, better known as the mother of racer Felix Neureuther,
Rossi Mittermaier celebrated numerous successes. As the first
top athlete, 'Our Gold-Rossi', a two-time Olympic champion,
recognized the potential of the first all-plastic ski - Fritzmeier's
first pioneering achievement in the world of high-performance sport.
15 world championship titles speak for themselves.
Just as legendary as the successes of Robbie Naish
are the boards of the cult brand Mistral -
founded by Fritzmeier in 1977.
With a front wheelie at 90.7 km/h and a classic wheelie at
138.6 km/h, freeride legend Bobby Root currently holds
two world records. We are very pleased that the incarnate
E-MTB machine trusts in M1-Sporttechnik and is also
our brand ambassador and USA distributor.

All carbon or what?

If you look at our history, you quickly come to the conclusion: "We only want carbon!" - which means that we do not use any other material for frame construction. Neither steel, nor aluminum, titanium or even scandium.

The advantages speak for themselves: Carbon is almost 70% lighter than aluminum. With carbon, even the most contradictory properties can be realized: stiffness and flexibility, lightweight construction and safety.

The professional handling of the composite material carbon as well as its production and processing lies in our genes. As a member of the Fritzmeier Group, we benefit from the know-how of this internationally leading expert in innovative materials technology - and have done so for decades.

For example, Fritzmeier launched the first all-plastic ski on the market. A ski used by two-time Olympic champion Rosi Mittermeier. Or Robby Naish, who won 15 world championship titles with the cult boards of the Fritzmeier brand Mistral.

We are pioneers again in the bike segment. As the bike manufacturer M1-Sporttechnik, founded in 1990, we have specialized in the development, construction and sale of the highest quality carbon e-bikes. In 1994, we designed the first mountain bike, the MAGMA RED HOT, with carbon monocoque frame. From 2015, our already legendary SPITZING revolutionized the e-bike sector as the world's strongest e-mountain bike. And just in time for our 25th anniversary, we have set a new milestone in e-bike development with the SPITZING Evolution. To be continued - promise!



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