Whether in the daily urban jungle or off-road: you're not looking for a race, but when you climb on your e-bike, you love the challenge. It has to be fast so, you want to be able to rely on a powerful precision drive. On something that will get you to your destination confidently, safely and with constant power. The fact that you have plenty of battery power is absolutely important to you.

With its unique carbon frame technology in split tube design for maximum weight reduction and optimum stiffness, our ZELL is the ideal piece of sports equipment for you. Stylishly assembled in the GT version for urban everyday use or muscularly conditioned in the CC version for almost any terrain.


Powerful and quiet.

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For the extraordinary range of our e-bikes, we rely on our own batteries.

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up to 0 W

motor output

0 km/h

top speed

0 Nm


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